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About us - Our vision and mission

Our vision is to grow Susila Dharma Indonesia into a leading umbrella body for humanitarian organizations in Indonesia. Susila Dharma Indonesia will nurture a network of successful partners and affiliates, providing funding and practical support for worthy projects pioneered by passionate and talented individuals and organizations. Susila Dharma Indonesia will be a respected humanitarian body, leading and assisting its partners in improving the lives of impoverished and underprivileged people in Indonesia.

Our mission is to relieve human suffering and promote just and sustainable development through:

  • Developing partnerships and improving support for grassroots, participatory development and humanitarian initiatives;
  • Empowering individuals and communities to engage in positive human, social and economic change;
  • Raising awareness of development issues in order to improve support for projects that address these issues;
  • Providing emergency relief and recovery   

The name “Susila Dharma” combines two Sanskrit words, which together mean ‘guided from within to take action in the world.’ Susila Dharma work originates from an awareness of a common humanity that transcends differences. The intention behind Susila Dharma is to support people to live and work in harmony in their quest for a just and sustainable society. The focus of Susila Dharma is on people and relationships, and a belief in the ability of people to reach their potential — socially, economically and spiritually.