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New Programs of Yayasan Saudara Sejiwa (YSS)

Since 1998, Yayasan Saudara Sejiwa (YSS) has actively been involved in social welfare pograms and non-formal education in West Java. It’s activities ranges from non-residence neglected children empowerment to neglected children empowerment through open house approach. Following social changes and development in West Java, since 2001, Yayasan Saudara Sejiwa developed Community Learning Centre which run non formal education including equivalency programs for Kindergarten, elementary school (package A), Middle school (package B), Senior High school (package C), and Functional Literacy program. Yayasan Saudara Sejiwa continues to develop these activities, and currently they are working on National Program on Abolishing Children Labor in West Java in cooperation with ILO-IPEC. This activity runs in three regions; in Bandung region, West Bandung, and Ciajur.

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Susila Dharma Indonesia welcomes new committees

Welcome SD Indonesia New Team 2023-2027:

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Susila Dharma Indonesia, Planet Water, And J.P. Morgan
Provide Clean Water After Merapi In Indonesia

On the international observance of World Water Day, Susila Dharma Indonesia - supported by Susila Dharma International Association - collaborates with Planet Water Foundation, who is sponsored by J.P. Morgan to deliver clean water to victims of the recent volcanic eruption of Mount Merapi. Using funding from a 2010 grant provided by the JP Morgan Chase Foundation, Susila Dharma Indonesia and Planet Water Foundation worked together to install water filtration systems at five locations in affected communities around Mount Merapi, which will enable local residents to access clean water for the first time since the catastrophic volcanic eruption of Mount Merapi.
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