Susila Dharma Indonesia welcomes new chair

SD Indonesia recently hosted a celebration to welcome Rahaju Morris , who has been appointed our new chairperson.

A special thanks to our outgoing chair
Ariana Susanti has been involved with SD Indonesia since 1990 and first accepted the role of chairperson in 1997, after learning about the challenges and rewards of working on social projects. Outside commitments forced her to resign from SD Indonesia in 2001 and during this absence she was kept busy working on a social enterprise program as well as her business. A change in regulation necessitated SD Indonesia moving from a foundation to an association in 2007 and Ariana was founded the new SD Indonesia and available to lead SD Indonesia.

Speaking at the recent celebration at our Jakarta office Ariana said she is confident that Purnama will continue her good work, as well as create a stronger network of associates and involve more young people in the organization.

Ariana has enjoyed her time as our chair immensely and said her favourite part of the role was learning about different cultures and being able to help others. She said: “Life is like a channel, the more you give, the more you get…”

She will still be involved with our work, particularly in the clean water projects we are delivering across Indonesia with our partner the Planet Water Foundation. She will also remain as a member of the Susila Dharma International Association board.

Welcome to our new chair
Purnama joined SD Indonesia as our treasurer six years’ ago and before that was involved with Subud organizations.

The position of chair is subject to an election every four years and is usually chosen from board members as they understand the unique needs of SD Indonesia and have already established important relationships. Purnama plans to involve more young people and hopes that by the next election there will be a new generation of people able to take forward the work of SD Indonesia.

Purnama has studied as an architect and currently works for an engineering consultancy in Jakarta. He plans to continue the great work achieved by Ariana during her term and is looking forward to the challenge of being SD Indonesia’s new chairperson.