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Non-formal education in Community Learning Center (Pusat Kegiatan Belajar Masyarakat/ PKBM)

This learning center provides information access and life long learning activities for communities in project location. This learning center is expected to support people through participatory learning and education that suit the needs of the targeted community. Besides that, Saudara Sejiwa Foundation provides non-formal education for those who don’t have access to formal education.

PKBM Saudara Sejiwa activities include:

  • Equivalency Education : Kindergarten equivalent, Setara TK, elementary school equivalent, Middle School Equivalent and High school equivalent (free)
  • Functional literacy, given especially for illiterates. (free)
  • Learning Assistance (free)
  • Computer course, English and Japanese course (free)

The total of people studying at non-formal education are as follow:

Tabel. Number of students at PKBM Saudara Sejiwa

Types of Programs
Number of students
Number of graduates
PAUD/ Play Group
47 student are still studying
Pak. A
20 student are still studying
Middle school/
Pak. B
High school/
Pak. C
Functional literacy
Illiterates mothers

And from 2009 till now YSS develop women's capacity building program for Marginalized women in the form of regular education for 3 months with materials such as: Human rights & Gender, Domestic Violence Prevention Strategy, Family Management, etc.. The tutors are practitioners and academics who are experts in their field.


Community Libraries Project and Learning Centre (YUM)

The prohibitive cost of books, under-resourced school libraries and lack of public libraries means access to books in Indonesia is severely limited. YUM is passionate about making reading part of everyday lives in Indonesia, particularly for children. The Libraries Project aims to provide children and adults with access to books and the opportunity to improve their literacy and broader learning.YUM operates libraries in West Java, Aceh and Central Kalimantan, where people of all ages have the opportunity to appreciate the joys and benefits of reading. Children can also participate in a range of activities that take place at the libraries, all of which are designed to make learning fun and enjoyable.

Education Sponsorship Programs (YUM)

Small kid

YUM provides 3 different sponsorship programs to encourage education participation: school sponsorships, children’s village sponsorships and talent development sponsorships.

School sponsorships are available for children between the ages of 6 and 18 in Jakarta, in Cipanas, West Java and in Central Kalimantan. A school sponsorship provides families with financial support to cover the cost of a child’s schoolbooks, equipment, uniform and fees at a local school. Families of sponsored children are regularly visited by a YUM social worker and are required to demonstrate a commitment to education through their children’s regular school attendance and satisfactory results.

A Children's Village sponsorship covers the cost of a child’s living expenses at the YUM Children’s Village and their education at local government schools. All children who reside at the Village receive food, healthcare, clothing and shelter along with the support and assistance of the Villages’ professional staff. The orphanage is home to more than 50 school-aged children from across West Java.

The Talent Development Scholarships program offers intelligent young Indonesians from underprivileged families with the opportunity to receive a university education. The scholarships cover the recipients’ education and living costs for the duration of their course.

At the completion of his or her university studies, each scholarship recipient will undertake a two-year internship with a YUM, providing the young adult with valuable experience and YUM with access to quality human resources.

Bina Cita Utama School, Central Kalimantan (BCU)

This bilingual, multicultural school was established in 2005, with a vision to develop a high quality learning environment that will nurture and educate children so that as adults they will be able to make positive contributions to the development of their communities and the world.

The foundation of the school in Central Kalimantan is based on the belief that a school represents one of the most meaningful contributions that can be made towards human development in this region.

Cita Buana School, Jakarta (SCB)

This school was established in 1995 in Jakarta, combining curriculums from Indonesia and Australia. The school also has a special needs and learning center for developmentally challenged students and those with learning difficulties, allowing these students to integrate into school life. The special needs center welcomes a range of students, from those who are severely autistic to those who are mildly intellectually challenged. The ratio for students in this area is one teacher for every three children.