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Family support


FAMILY PROGRAM yayasan saudara sejiwa (YSS), Bandung

YSS runs a number of projects in West Java. It runs varies issues according to the map of issues in the region where YSS operates. But the model developed by YSS in addressing social issues is more focused on families and communities institutional strengthening because the YSS believes that "although the family is often the initial trigger of social problems that occur such as juvenile delinquency, drug abuse, domestic violence and other problems but family, on the other hand, is an effective medium in solving these problems". The family strengthening activities conducted by SS is entitled "Consultation and Learning Center for Families"

Services given in Consultation and Learning Center for Families include:

  • Services for violence victims that include social counseling, entrepreneurship counseling, Productive Economy Program, and referral.

  • Family Counseling that includes social counseling and assistance, and referral to relevant and competent institution.

  • Family Welfare improvement Programs that include social counseling, assistance on social welfare activities, and providing small business capital.

  • Family Education Prorams include Harmonious family management, strengthening child care practices, strengthening the mental attitude, emotional and spiritual, etc.. The goal of this program include young families who are just starting their household.

  • Strengthening Programs for supporting groups.

  • Dissemination and Advocacy programs include a family newsletter publishing news, talk shows on several private radio and RRI Bandung.



Cipanas Children’s Village, West Java (YUM)

The Children’s Village provides children from destitute families with a safe, stable and caring environment in which to live and receive an education. Located in the hills of West Java, about two hours drive from Jakarta, the Village is home to more than 50 school-aged children at any one time.

The Village is focused on providing the children with skills and values that will carry them through life. The Village sponsors children who live in the region to go to local government schools, while also providing a range of extra-curricular activities such as vocational training, sports, music and language lessons.

To complement the Village’s activities, YUM also runs a Child Sponsorships & Scholarships program, which provides funding support for the children to live at the village. The sponsorships cover the cost of all food, clothing, medical, housing and education expenses.

The Village also aims to support the local community in which it operates, through engaging local men, women and children in the Villages’ learning and activities.

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