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Malaria Control, Central Kalimantan (YUM)

Susila Dharma beneficiary

In late 2007, YUM began a three-year, 250,000-euro project to combat the deadly malaria infection in Central Kalimantan. Thanks to the financial support of the German Government and Susila Dharma Germany, YUM is aiming to reduce malaria-related mortalities by 50% in six villages throughout the region.

Malaria is rife in Central Kalimantan with close to two-thirds of the residents who live in the project’s target villages, regularly infected. As the area is also one of Indonesia’s poorest, access to medical care is extremely limited.

The project includes a number of initiatives designed to improve the way malaria is identified and treated in the area. These include the establishment of adequately resourced malaria ‘posts’ in each village and the distribution of successfully tested drugs for treatment of the infection.

Importantly, the project also includes a number of aspects designed to prevent infection. This includes a comprehensive education campaign on minimizing the risk of infection, as well as other preventative measures such as spraying mosquito infected areas and distributing mosquito repellant bed nets.

This project is the first of its kind in Central Kalimantan and involves extensive training on prevention, identification and treatment of malaria to members of the local community so that the work can continue once the initial three-year program is complete. To ensure the long-term sustainability of the project YUM is working closely with local health and government organisations.

Clean Water Project, Central Kalimantan (YUM)

Lack of access to clean water is an issue for a large percentage of people in Central Kalimantan. In the majority of villages in the region, water that is used for drinking and washing comes from stagnant and dirty sources, which leads to the rapid spread of diseases and infections.

The YUM Clean Water Project aims to combat this issue by providing communities with the infrastructure and resources needed to develop a clean water source. YUM works with each community to design and install water tanks, pumps and pipes that will deliver clean, running water to the villages’ homes. Once construction is complete, members of the community are appointed by YUM to take responsibility for the ongoing management and financing of the resource.

YUM has already undertaken this project in a number of communities throughout Central Kalimantan and each is now successfully managing their own clean water source. With the support of donors, YUM is hoping to help more villages in the region to access the benefits of clean, running water.